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Dear Senators and Representative,

As your constituent, I urge you to cosponsor and push for the passage of the Big Cat Public Safety Act, S. 2561 and H.R. 1380.

Introduced in the U.S. House by Representatives Mike Quigley and Brian Fitzpatrick and in the U.S. Senate by Senator Richard Blumenthal, this legislation would advance animal welfare and protect public safety by prohibiting public contact with big cats such as tigers, lions and leopards, as well as the possession of big cats as pets. The bill provides reasonable exemptions for wildlife sanctuaries and exhibitors licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This is an animal welfare issue. Big cats kept in private hands often do not receive proper veterinary care, nutrition, physical housing or behavioral enrichment. The cruel cycle of breeding tiger and lion cubs for the paying public to pet and play with has created a surplus of big cats relegated to small cages in substandard facilities and private menageries across the country.

This is also a public safety issue. Improperly maintained captive big cats injure, or even kill people. Law enforcement officers and other first responders are at particular risk from such animals, which is why the National Sheriffs' Association has endorsed the legislation. Emergency officials and the communities they protect should not be put in harm's way by a private owner's irresponsible decision to keep big cats.

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