采取额外的预防措施,以确保您和您的亲人,宠物包括的,可以放心地在疏散COVID-19 pandemic


Start getting ready now—ID your pet

确保猫狗都戴着项圈和识别标签这是最新的。你将会增加你的机会of being reunited with pets who get lost by having them microchipped; make sure the microchip registration is in your name. But remember: The average person who finds your pet won't be able to scan for a chip, but they will probably be able to read a basic tag!

把你的手机号码在你的宠物的标签。It may also be a good idea to include the phone number of a friend or relative outside your immediate area—in case you have had to evacuate.

Put together your disaster kit


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第一个数字:如果它是不适合你的安全,这是不是你的宠物是安全的。你不知道还要多久你就会面积被拒之门外的方式,你可能无法-或允许,回去你的宠物。宠物留在灾难可以很容易受伤,丢失或死亡。请记住,制定计划为所有的宠物;在自然灾害中,灾害预案野生或户外的猫马匹and动物农场can be lifesavers.

Pledge to Bring Your Pet With You When a Disaster Strikes



Never assume that you will be allowed to bring your pet to an emergency shelter or that shelters nearby will be able to accommodate everyone.灾难发生之前命中,检查应急管理的当地办事处的网站上看到,如果你将被允许与你的宠物撤离,并确认会出现在你的区域庇护所采取人民和他们的宠物。此外,一定要检查他们是如何管理社会疏远的需求。

Contact hotels and motels外面你的眼前的地方,发现他们是否接受宠物。询问在数量,规模和种类的任何限制。询问是否“无宠物”政策将在紧急情况下豁免。保持方便的动物友好的地点列表,和你认为你可能要离开你的家提前打电话预约,尽快。如需帮助识别宠物友好住宿,看看这些网站:

Make arrangements with friends or relatives.问问你的邻近地区以外的人,如果他们将你和你的宠物,或只是你的宠物,如果有必要可以栖身之所。如果你有一个以上的宠物,你可能需要安排在不同的地点安置他们。

The COVID-19 pandemic has made seeking alternate housing arrangements more complicated. Access to reliable testing is still patchy. That said, if you and the people you hope to shelter with are able to be tested, it may provide some protection in case you need to share a space. You can also try to practice social distancing within the space you’re sharing.

考虑一个狗窝或兽医办公室。Make a list of boarding facilities and veterinary offices outside your immediate area that are open and might be able to shelter animals in disaster emergencies (make sure to include their 24-hour telephone numbers).

请与您当地的动物收容所。Some shelters may be able to provide foster care or shelter for pets in an emergency. But keep in mind that shelters have limited resources and are likely to be stretched during a local emergency; check outside your immediate area as well.

Plan for your pet in case you're not home

In case you're away during a disaster or evacuation order,安排提前做好对你信任的人把你的宠物and meet you at a specified location. Be sure the person is comfortable with your pets and your pets are familiar with them. Give your emergency caretaker a key to your home and show them where your pets are likely to be (especially if they hide when they're nervous) and where your disaster supplies are kept.


If you stay home, do it safely

If your family and pets must wait out a storm or other disaster at home, identify a safe area of your home where you can all stay together.

  • 关闭关闭或消除不安全角落和缝隙惊慌失措的猫可能试图隐藏。
  • 将危险物品如工具或已存储在该地区有毒产品。
  • 带上你的宠物在室内,一旦地方当局说,麻烦的是在路上。Keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers, and make sure they are wearing identification.
  • If you have a room you can designate as a "safe room," put your emergency supplies in that room in advance包括你的宠物的箱子和用品。有什么药物和水密容器内的宠物食品和水供应,与其他紧急救援物资一起。如果有一个开放式壁炉,发泄,宠物门或在家里类似的打开,用塑料布和强力胶带将其关闭了。
  • Follow local news outlets online or listen to the radioperiodically, and don't come out until you know it's safe.



  • 不要让你的宠物漫游松动。熟悉的地标和气味可能会走了,和你的宠物可能会迷失方向。宠物可以很容易迷失在这种情况下。也有可能存在大量的碎片,如瓦楞钉和碎玻璃,这可能会造成伤害。
  • 当你评估受损程度,不断牵引带的狗和猫在屋内载体。如果你的房子被损坏,你的宠物无法逃脱。
  • Be patient with your pets after a disaster.尽量让他们回来到他们的正常作息,尽快。准备好所造成的处境的压力行为问题。如果这些问题仍然存在,或者如果你的宠物似乎有什么健康问题,谈谈你的兽医。
  • If your community has been flooded, check your home and yard for wild animals who may have sought refuge there.野生动物可能对你和你的宠物的威胁。看看我们的提示人道驱逐野生动物。

Be ready for everyday emergencies


  • Find a trusted neighbor, friend or family member and give them a key。Make sure this backup caretaker is comfortable and familiar with your pets (and vice versa).
  • 请确保您的备份看守知道你的宠物的喂养和服药时间表,行踪和习惯。
  • 如果您使用的宠物托管服务,提前发现,如果他们将能够帮助在紧急情况下


高温可能是危险的。Learn more关于高温天气安全宠物。

The electricity goes out

If you're forced to leave your home because you've lost electricity, take your pets with you to a pet-friendly hotel while following public health guidance. If it's summer, even just an hour or two in the sweltering heat can be dangerous. If you stay at home during a summer power outage, check to see if your local emergency management office has opened pet-friendly cooling centers in the area.


Plans are for ALL pets

Disaster plans aren't only essential for the safety of cats and dogs. If you're responsible for other kinds of animals during natural disasters, disaster plans for野生或户外的猫马匹and动物农场can be lifesavers.