KFC, more Americans want to eat the plant-based ‘Kentucky Fried Miracle’

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Last year, when KFClaunched a new, plant-based chicken在它的亚特兰大地区之一,五个小时内访问销售一空,用线缠块来试试吧。根据theNew York Times, sales of the plant-based boneless wings and nuggets in a single day equaled sales of its popular, animal-based popcorn chicken in an entire week, leading the company to declare it a “Kentucky Fried Miracle.”

KFC went on to test the plant-based chicken at anadditional 70 locationsin North Carolina and Tennessee in February 2020, again with great success. This is amazing, and it shows the scope of the large market that exists for meatless meat products all over the United States. So we have been hopeful that KFC will offer its meatless chicken at franchises nationwide.

此刻正好适合任何人都希望进军植物性食物为主,包括基于植物的肉,这是创新的,蛋白质包装食物,模仿的质地和肉的味道。随着食动物更多的植物性食物为主的利益意识日益增强,地球和我们的健康,所以很多人都在减少对动物产品的依赖赞成美味植物为基础的替代品。根据2019 Gallop poll, “[f]our in 10 Americans have personally tried plant-based meats.” And a 2020Yale surveyfound that, “more than half of Americans (55%) say they are willing to eat more plant-based meat alternatives.”

基于植物的肉是如此受欢迎,其实,在2020年三月,sales of such meats jumped通过惊人264%。

许多快餐连锁店如汉堡王,卡尔的小,白色城堡,德尔塔克和邓肯已经提供植物为基础的方案,取得了巨大成功。启动不可能汉堡,何塞·齐尔,谁是品牌餐饮(汉堡王公司的母公司),指出公司的CEO,该产品是“的一个后most successful product launchesin Burger King’s history.” After debuting a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich at more than 9,000 Dunkin’ locations in 2019,Dunkin’ CEO David Hoffmansaid he was “happy with [Dunkin’s] first venture into” plant-based menu offerings, and said the company is discussing more plant-based options in the future.

KFC already has gotten a taste of this success, not just here in the United States but also globally. In April, the company debuted plant-based chicken nuggets at three locations in China and they were such a hit that theysold outat a Shanghai KFC within an hour of launching. KFC Canadapartnered with Lightlife,植物蛋白为基础的公司,做一个油炸“鸡肉”三明治和植物为基础的“爆米花鸡”,这也sold out。在英国,肯德基卖一百万植物为基础的鸡肉三明治整个1月份到2020年,这相当于一种基于植物的夹层每三秒钟卖出。


Given the market for meatless meats today, whichresearch showsextends well beyond vegans and vegetarians, this is a decision the company would not be likely to regret. You can lend your voice to continue such positive progress. Pleaseclick here to let KFC decision makers knowjust how much support exists for plant-based offerings.



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